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If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. Backup your original files and replace them with those generated here. Please note that this method is NOT bulletproof, but will keep away curious eyes from your code. DO NOT modify the files we provide, as they might stop working. I strongly recommend to use it just for encoding your personal projects. You need to upload php file s. For each file uploaded it will generate a new obfuscated script, you will be able to download you new file.

All files will be removed from our server for security reasons. Skip to content. This is a free online php obfuscator 26 stars 19 forks. Branches Tags. Nothing to show. Go back. Launching Xcode If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. Latest commit.

Git stats 10 commits. Failed to load latest commit information. View code. How the encoding works You need to upload php file s. About This is a free online php obfuscator Resources Readme. Releases 1 tags. Packages 0 No packages published. You signed in with another tab or window.The PHP Obfuscator online tool obfuscates the source code of a PHP script so that it is difficult to read by people and it's significance may be recognized only with difficulty.

In the case of a release of PHP scripts we might often avoid that other people can easily identify the exact function of the script, or we want to make it difficult for them to use the code for their own scripts. For this, PHP Obfuscator renames the variable name, interface, class and function names into meaningless characters and numbers. Spaces, empty lines and comments will be removed from the source code.

Furthermore, strings except "here docs" blocks can be encoded, which can be useful to avoid simple changes to the script output. With PHP Obfuscator, no complete illegibility of the source code can be achieved, since the PHP server must be still able to process the script - even without additional software installed on the server.

For proper processing of the script, the full source code or the entire file including HTML tags should be pasted. If you want to process only a portion of a script, the code block must be contain a PHP start and end tag. Donate via PayPal and support the publishing of this free content with any amount you want quickly and easily. Allow for the domain Gaijin. This website use cookies and process data. Information on data processing and the possibility of refusing it can be found in the privacy policy.

Please paste the PHP source code you want to obfuscate: Remove comments Remove whitespaces Obfuscate variable names Obfuscate function and class names Encode strings Use hexadecimal values for names.

Did you like my page, one of my freeware applications or online tools? Read more about support options Internet and Network Tools. Remove comments. Remove whitespaces. Obfuscate variable names. Obfuscate function and class names. Encode strings. Use hexadecimal values for names.Intelectual theft has been rampant these days, people use stuff not theirs without the permission of the rightful owner s.

free online php obfuscator

A PHP Obfuscator does the work of scrambling the source code of PHP script in order to make people find it very difficult to understand. Important things like the variable name, class, interface and function names are being replaced by PHP Obfuscators to something not meaningful. On this page, we will give you the best PHP Obfuscators you can always use to protect your source codes.

This unique tool make use of eval based obfuscation to parse and obfuscate key parts of codes like variable names, classes, methods, etc. This obfuscator class is the best you need for protecting your open source code while you work on all web hosting. By comparing the real number of characters needed for running that class, you are also able to use this tool to know the true size of projects. You can use this tool for commercial and non-commercial purposes.

It performs same functions as Yak-Pro. This PHP code obfuscator was developed by pl4g4.

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All you need to do is to upload your PHP file s and this online PHP obfuscator will create an obfuscated script version of it for you. Your PHP source codes are protected from developers that want to steal them when you try out this amazing PHP obfuscators. Descriptions and features of these PHP obfuscators are to there to guide you in making good use of each one of them. Press ESC to close. Olanrewaju Olakunle February 13, 0.

8 Best PHP Obfuscators

Share Article:. Tags: Obfuscators php.Let's be honest, programming sometimes isn't so easy as we think, we spend a lot of time writing code, debugging etc, so the last thing we want and need is that after all the effort is simply copied by someone else, reusing your code and not specifically within your organization.

Fortunately, there are techniques that allow you to prevent this situation from happening, the most known is the area of obfuscation. Basically, the obfuscation should completely alter the source code, however its functionality should be equivalent to the original code.

So it won't be difficult to get started with any of these libraries. This means it "compiles" your PHP files by making them unreadable to a human.

This is not meant to be bullet proof. The output code will not be re-usable for most people, but dedicated user will always be able to guess what you are doing in most single functions.

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In other words — re-using output code is hard, but not impossible. Just unzip the downloaded file and put it a directory that is located under your web server. POBS is a collection of files in just 1 directory. Having said all that, the tool works pretty well. The configuration is easy and the maintainer has added some comments, fixed some stuff that was not working for him and that's it.

Do not use this to speed up your PHP by compacting it. I will come for you. Instead use this to get an idea of the TRUE size of projects by comparing the actual number of characters required to run that class - without long variable names, comments, or other added "fluff".

This tool parses php with the best existing php parser PHP-Parser 4. You just have to download the zip archive and uncompress it under the PHP-Parser subdirectory, or make a git clone. END; syntax!. When you have a php project you want to distribute, as php is a script interpretor, you distribute also all the sources of your software.

You may want, for any reason, that other people do not understand, modify, or adapt your software. As your software must be understandable by the php runtime, but needs to be very difficult to understand by human people, obfuscation is a very good way to achieve this goal.

The ph7 Obfuscator library is a very simple and effective Obfuscator PHP class this is not a stupid base64 encoding script, but a real and effective obfuscation script. If you want to keep your open source code private, but working on all Web hosting. This Obfuscator class is the obfuscator you need! Not easy readable by developers unless they are ready to spend lot of time.

This will really discourage them. To use this library you will need to run it in PHP 5. Different from other obfuscators, which often use a reversible eval based obfuscation, this tool actually parses PHP, and obfuscates variable names, methods, etc.

free online php obfuscator

This means is can not be reversed by tools such as UnPHP. This library was written out of the need to obfuscate the source for a private library which for various reasons could not be shared without steps to protect the source from prying eyes. It is not technically feasible to "encrypt" PHP source code, while retaining the option to run it on a standard PHP runtime. Tools such as Zend Guard use run-time plugins, but even these offer no real security. While this tool does not make PHP code impossible to read, it will make it significantly less legible.

It is compatible with PHP 5. Interested in programming since he was 14 years old, Carlos is a self-taught programmer and founder and author of most of the articles at Our Code World. Latest articles.Wikia is a free-to-use site that makes money from advertising.

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free online php obfuscator

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PHP Obfuscator

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Free Online PHP Obfuscator

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How to encrypt php code - PHP Script Code Protection - How to Protect PHP Code

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